US Moz Tours Tix will go on sale 9/9/11... Moz to appear on two US tv shows.


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28 August 2011

Final details of all Morrissey live dates for November in the U.S will be announced on True-To-You on Thursday September 1st. Tickets will go on sale on Friday September 9th.

The U.S tour will be immediately followed by Mexico, where concerts will take place in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla and Mexico City.

Morrissey will also appear on two U.S television shows, details of which will be included in the September 1st news release.

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Any guesses as to the two TV shows?

Mine? 'Hillbilly Hand Fishin'' and 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'.


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My gramma will be watching. Don't take off your shirt. :p


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Any guesses as to the two TV shows?

Mine? 'Hillbilly Hand Fishin'' and 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'.

I'm guessing Fallon and Conan.....but a part of me thinks that it'll be Leno over Conan.

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If the past few US tours are any indication, one thing for certain is that September 9th will not be the on-sale date for all shows.


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I wonder what songs he will play in Mexico?

Puebla the Same Everwhere?

I Tijuana See the Boy Happy?

Fajitas Are Afraid of the Pupils?


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"Behind The Music", surely?

Morrissey was peaking, in his music and his personal life, until one day disaster would strike from the most unlikely of places.

LEIF GARRETT: I mean, I had room in the back seat, and he had to get out to the Bowl for a show.


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How about the Daily Show?
What about The Colbert Report? Colbert, in character, would get a great interview out of him, I'm sure.

"Morrissey, do you, in fact, fear a hostile takeover of the West by the Chinese? Is it time to go to the mattresses?"

Er...on second thought, maybe not. :ha-no:


new morrissey pic on ticketmaster site


i find it both hilarious and hideous at the same time... typical moz fashion.


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Re: new morrissey pic on ticketmaster site

This is not a new pic. It's from a magazine.

I think it's from the Filter magazine session that was published in the Winter of 2009. I could be wrong, but he's wearing a similar shirt in what appears to be a white cyc in the Filter session.
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