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    Berlin meet-up

    Who's coming to Berlin next week? What time do you think I should be there if I want to be on the list?
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    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    A stranger in a strange land by Heinlein. It's my silly homage to Brandon Flowers :)
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    Climate Change Summit in Cancun starts with a call to the goddess Ixchel

    If you are a good scientist and make good science (good experimental setup, convincing results and interpretation), you will get published and no one will question your credibility. Whatever religious beliefs you may have is irrelevant; no one cares really.
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    First date etiquette

    Personally I wouldn't think any less of someone who would sleep with me on the first date, but if someone is ever to tell me something like "not until the x date" that would be a major turnoff. It's not because I have a problem with waiting. Mostly it's me who needs a bit of time. It's just that...
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    My encounter today at Michaels

    It's unfair to compare the cashier to the manager. Obviously he has more space than her to bend the rules, and possibly more knowledge about the where the unsold items are going to. Maybe she was afraid to get in trouble. The problem is with whoever made the rules, not the regular worker wanting...
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    Something I've always wanted to do!

    Jenny Fields :cool: (John Irving :love:) I think about her every time I'm being sexually harassed. Much too often, that is.
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    Something I've always wanted to do!

    I'm guessing that whether he deserved it or not, she was back with him by the end of that episode.
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    I hate my job!

    This really sucks. They seem unreasonable and inconsiderate. Do you have a friend who's a doctor? That may help...
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    Smooth down your lady parts with camelflage or camel ammo

    Camel Toe is Naturelle "I'm sick of the big deal everyone makes of camel toe. Like come on, it's only natural! It's like us saying guys have koala nose. Yup, that's right, koala nose. Cover that shit up!!! We don't wanna see that!!! How about we make products for you to cover up that buldge...
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    Smooth down your lady parts with camelflage or camel ammo

    Yes and anyway, what's the big deal?! That's just the way our body is shaped like.
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    I hate my job!

    Get a doctor's note and take some sick days off. They'll know you're lieing but they can't fire you if you have a doctor's note, I think (that's the way it works in my country). You can also take some extra sick days on top of the 5 you need to make it seem a bit more credible.
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    You should try talking to him about politics or about god, and then it will go away. Worked for me. It was a nice couple of days though :)
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I have a crush on a guy! This hasn't happened since 1999 :cool:
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    Moz goes GaGa

    hot like Mexico, rejoice :cool:
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    Morrissey racist?

    While Judaism may have nothing to do with race, Jewish people are forming an ethnic group. Racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination are the same thing, unless you think that the literal meaning is more important than the essence. I would guess that in most countries where racism is...
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