Morrissey Central (& SER YT): "DAVEY THE WIND BLOWS BITS OF YOUR LIFE AWAY" (July 2, 2020)


"We hadn’t rehearsed the song. David called me at my hotel and we tried to duet down the phone, which became very funny because David couldn’t remember the words, but on the night it was me who forgot and David remembered. You can see a slight disapproval from him when I repeat and repeat the wrong lines … his look says ‘you shouldn’t be singing that bit again’. This clip is my 4th favorite memory of David. It’s nice that Ron and Russell are in there too, but Russell looks irked … I expect he was missing the concluding sequel of that night’s Columbo.”
Morrissey 30 June 2020"

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Bowie was married for 25 years with children. He respected western traditionalism. Morrissey has spent his entire life as an unwed sodomite, running around having anal and oral sex with men as an affront to God's plan for the human race. Morrissey is the degenerate.
Morrissey didn't have threesome's with a 13yr old so f*** you and f*** Bowie. I like his music but Morrissey is a better man

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