Peter Hook auctioning off Joy Division items (Rourke mention)


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Mentions Andy Rourke:
"You seem to really enjoy doing these tours with the Light.
I’ve really enjoyed it. While the cases were going on, it was the most depressing thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I remember [the Smiths’] Andy Rourke telling me once that the case against Morrissey and Marr was the worst thing that ever happened to him, and I thought he was being dramatic. Bloody hell, when it happens to you, you realize how awful it is and really it’s only been playing the music and remembering how good we were and how good we are, if you like, as a group, that got me through it. I played every LP as the court cases were going on, and it really was a help. Even doing the book was quite cathartic, to realize what great times we had in New Order.

It’s like any relationship, isn’t it? You end up divorcing and everything looks terrible and you sit there one drunken night going over the romance, shall we say, and you realize how great it was. It was just that those things tend to crumble at the end of the day."


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Sent link to the hubby, he now tells me he’s put in a bid for something of £6000 pounds, I hope he joking ! His Christmas bonus wasn’t that good!
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