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I was wondering what Morrissey and Robert Smith had fallen out over, many moons ago, and whilst casually looking for said answer among a veritable sea of silliness, I ended up resorting to that paradigm of the almost accurate 'Wikipedia'.
Imagine my surprise to learn that the great man himself actually issued a 'Cease and Desist' lawsuit against this very site. As only a junior member - although an admirer of Morrissey since Peel played Reel - this will have eluded me, so if anyone could be so kind as to point me to the threads of interest regarding this matter, or at least give me overview of what sparked his ire - in either or both instances - I'd be most grateful. ;)


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Cannot be arsed to scour through the forum but I think the whole rivalry was just a publicity stunt really, something for the NME to pore over, Moz and Robert don't really hate each other and have long since buried the hatchet, its just like the whole Blur vs Oasis thing of the 90s except this is the 80s version.

Steve Gad

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There was a cease and desist regarding a rumor about crew not being paid during the 2002 tour; no lawsuit actually followed through.

You can read about it in this thread:

Morrissey's perspective on the rumor/thread posted Apr. 28 - May 12, 2003

Thank you. :thumb:

I had a feeling it was probably something initially trite then expanded upon by the press, something that was confirmed when I found this, slightly amusing/disturbing take on the issue.
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