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  • Your quite welcome. Can't wait to see the finished product. ;) Anytime you need some assistance, lemme know. Happy to. :) *hugs*
    Ahhhh it's perfect Coz!! Everytime I see this photo, I think of you, so I am happy you made it your Background Image. :D And the avatar is perfectly well too. :)
    Duran Duran was great. Simon still looks good. I felt sooo young. The front row was 40's & 50's year olds. It was so hard to take photos. Everytime I was taking a photo, the person if front of me was. I had to dodge inbetween people for pics. I will put some online later. Duran was my first love, now Moz is. I hope they tour again real soon! Jen
    Hows you? Congrats on the drywalling! Someday I shall live in my own house and I'll paint the walls purple. :o) I'm very depressed about my birthday tomorrow. Today, I've GOT to go food shopping and vacuum this place! Summer is coming!
    LOL! Nice work, Super Dad!

    I’m doing good, all things considered. I see a light at the end of the tunnel now!…gee, I hope it’s not an oncoming train.
    Hi! Some parts were great; other parts sucked. We went to our town's Memorial Day festival, and I returned home with the same number of kids I left the house with. Not bad, considering that A is still too weak to get out of the house, and so I took them by myself. :D How are you?
    hahhaa. yes. i bet david archuletta's father is having the biggest hissy fit EVER right now! muahaha...
    Hello girl, what's happenin'? I think I want to go for the Dexter avatar. I'll try to figure it out! There were too many great frinky Moz pics!
    Ooooh snap!

    I guess he got to me years ago.

    I saw on the news yesterday that gas prices hit 4 bucks in chicago,is that true?!?!
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