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  • Aw, ditto. I get told I'm too nice all the time *rollseyes*
    btw, I love the Go-Gos!! I am a product of the 80's m'friend!! I've had that song in my head all day (not the Specials, whom I love, but Belinda =o) Welcome to solo!!
    hahah wow I totally forgot about that. Actually it is taken from the Specials- Ghost Town.. This town is turning to a ghost town.. :)

    I love the Go Gos, does that make me lame:) LOL
    I get the Sampson thing. Soon, it will be back mightier and quiffier than ever =o)
    Loving any Mad Max is not wrong!
    i hope not,without the quiff im not so good,its like a sampson kinda thing.
    i like the second mad max better,is that wrong?
    dearest corrissey,how are you?im very drunk,which woudl be fine other than i have a wedding to go to saturday,ooops.
    No probs. I'll get one or two of the other things to send. RCM is such an amazing tune. I feel like i'm 16 again, which means that my physical age correlates to my mental age for about 5 mins..:)
    Could you help me please? How does one download something from Megaupload?! I have the link, the page is up, but I can't find how to download it!
    These things can really get you down, so don't be too pissed off with yourself about it. It's just something you have to endure, but the journey is never pleasant.

    Listen, PM me any time about anything. The advice i would give would be pathetic and idiotic, but it's the thought that counts.

    Don't let the bastards a get you down. And give me a PM now and again just to see how you are.
    House troubles? I haven't spoken to you for a while and just wondered how things were. You seemed quite rage-filled a few weeks back. Something to do with a boss and a co-worker. I hope it resolved itself quite well?

    I am doing okay, well, until you analyse anything..:)
    What have i done to deserve this? Apart from everything i've ever written..:)

    Did you get the PM i sent about the Duran stuff on YouTube? It's like being 15 again..:)

    How are you?
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