Morrissey Central "CAN YOU HELP HOLD ON TO YOUR FURRY FRIENDS ?" (July 23, 2020)


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The poop will usually just fall out as there is no muscle control. The bladder must be manually "expressed," you essentially put the dog in the bathtub or take it outside and squeeze its bladder.
But doesn't the wheelchair get in the way?


Hey, how’s it going?

What’s the hotel link about?

Did it accidentally get posted when he was looking for hotels he’d like to be in rather than being stuck in Manchester?
The hotel does look like a lovely place. Sadly, those of us in the USA are banned from entering Costa Rica for now...just like we are from all of the world! :(


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When I first read the headline, I thought Morrissey had just come out as a member of the furry community.
I was like “C’mon, Moz. I’ve defended you through a lot but this is a bridge too far!”

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