Morrissey Central "SHOT IN CHICAGO" (September 23, 2021)

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Jesse Tobias

Alain Whyte and Solomon Walker
photographer unknown


Morrissey Central "LOVE IS ON ITS WAY IN" (September 23, 2021)

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The Alternative Hit Parade interviews Alain Whyte (August, 2021)

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1hr 40 video interview with Alain.
Lots of discussion about the band idea prior to rejoining Morrissey.
Worth a listen.
Not sure how this flew under the radar though.
He mentions he wanted to play The Loop again live.
Can't see it posted on here anywhere.

Morrissey Central "STEVE COCHRAN IS FOR SALE !?" (September 22, 2021)

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Links to Dead Posh:



The Guardian: Rick Astley on his Smiths covers gigs: "I’ll use a karaoke machine if I have to’" (September 21, 2021)

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Ahead of his two Morrissey-channelling gigs with Blossoms, the singer talks Twitter, his London pub and how he once followed Andy Rourke around the Arndale centre


“Obviously, after the whole Rickrolling thing,” – the internet bait and switch prank that fooled you into landing on the Never Gonna Give You Up video – “people are going to see Rick Astley Sings the Smiths and think: yeah, right? So this was our way of saying: this is actually happening.”

So, where did this unfathomably unlikely idea come from? “I performed with Noel Gallagher, the Courteeners and Blossoms at Manchester Arena in 2017,” he continues. “We were backstage, having a drink, which led to me appearing on...

Morrissey Central "TO WHERE MOTHER NATURE MAKES THEIR BED" (September 20, 2021)

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Jimmy Greaves 1940 - 2021


Ian St John 1938 - 2021

(Ian died in March of this year).

Mporium (UK): Morrissey Riot Fest Range now available (September 19, 2021)

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Via marketing email.
Not showing Stateside yet.

MOJO Magazine: Johnny Marr teases “Strangeways” box set (November Issue, number 336)

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‘Meanwhile, Marr confirms rumours of a Strangeways, Here We Come box set are not unfounded’
“Yeah, there’s been some talk of a Strangeways box...particularly on that last album, what we were after sonically meant that the [work in progress] monitor mixes were a really good listen. They didn’t need a lot of bells and whistles. The rough mixes and demos from that period hold up really well. So, yeah, it’s be nice to see them all lovingly curated somewhere or other.”

Interesting, though personally haven’t heard any of the “rumours” mentioned here...

The rest of the short article just talks about his new album - this was the only part that seemed particularly relevant.

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