Keith Vanetta RIP

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Rest in peace to my friend and longtime fan Keith Vanetta who passed away yesterday. My condolences to his family and the many who knew him.

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Alain dedicated this to him in June:


Link posted by Mozmar:

Interview No. 5: Keith Vanetta (2015) - Viva Love Photo Project | Conversations re: Morrissey

Kevin Cummins on working with Morrissey

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Not surprised by Cummins' reply as he's always seemed to remember working with Morrissey fondly, but of course somebody had to ask...

The Smiths YT/Rhino: "Top Of The Pops Performances, HD Remastered Videos + Competition" (July 6, 2020)

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Links to:

Links to:


"Follow The Smiths and the 'The Smiths Best Of' playlist on Spotify and be entered for a chance to win a set of LPs, ‘Rank’, ‘Hatful Of Hollow’, ‘Louder Than Bombs’ and ‘The World Won't Listen’."

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Via promotional email.

Morrissey Central "ENNIO MORRICONE" / "MORRICONE & MORRISSEY IN ROMA" (July 6, 2020)

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"Ennio Morricone, the exalted and revered Italian composer, has died aged 91 in Rome. Morricone and his orchestra played on Morrissey's album "Ringleader Of The Tormentors"."

"I was aware that Morricone had said no to U2, no to David Bowie, and no to Robbie Williams, so I was thrilled when he said Yes to me. His contributions to my 'Ringleader Of The Tormentors' album are, naturally, completely dismissed by the jargon jugglers, but they burst and thrive in my heart forever. In reflection of the happiest days imaginable, I say the temporary parting of ar'ri've'der'ci to he who gave all to the greatness of Italia."

6 July 2020


UPDATE July 7:

Link posted by joe frady:


Ennio Morricone dead

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Posted by Ketamine Sun:

@ 7:48 in ...

Related item:

Morrissey Central WHY HAS COMMON SENSE BECOME SO … UNCOMMON? (July 4, 2020)

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crazydayandnights: Morrissey (Blind Items Revealed - July 3, 2020)

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Basically an infamous gossip site that spills celeb tea and they recently revealed a few details about the mess... HOLY SHIT

The diehard and fanatical fans of this foreign born singer who is A/A+ in his native country and who has a new album coming out soon would be surprised to know certain aspects of his real life that are seemingly in contradiction to the public persona he has built up over the years in lyrics, in interviews, and even in his own autobiography.

For one, he has at least two illegitimate children, the result of encounters while on the road. One was conceived during his time in a now defunct band that is still popular today. He has always been coy about his sexuality, he is bisexual, but in fact, contrary to popular opinion, he has had more relationships with women than men.

Also not known is his violent temper. He headbutted a promoter...

Smiths Torrents 2006-2020: "Goodnight & Thank You" (July 3, 2020)

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From @DavidA:

Goodnight and Thank You
I have retired It has served its purpose and had started to go to seed.

In the 1990s I found a bootleg of The Smiths at a local record fair. I was amazed that there were live recordings of my favourite band. It was before the internet so until that day all I knew of were the albums in the record stores along with a few singles. From that point, it turned into something of a mission to go to the record fairs and collect rarities and live recordings.

In 2006, I established that I could start sharing these recordings with other people on the internet using torrents, so I set up smithstorrents and offered up what I had. There were already low-quality MP3s on the internet but I wanted to try and collect the best possible versions at the highest possible quality. Gradually people started sharing what they had and the site built up some momentum. A turning point was...

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