Sheffield, England 1995-02-07 (Morrissey concert)

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Morrissey Live
Tour Boxers Tour
Date 7 February, 1995
Venue City Hall
Location Sheffield, England
Opening Act Marion

Set List [1]

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This concert and the one which succeeded it in Blackpool were filmed for commercial release as the concert film Introducing Morrissey.
What follows is the audio running order, not the actual setlist from Sheffield. However, the majority of the tracklist is from Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Several tracks, interspersed throughout, hail from Winter Gardens, Blackpool, Lancashire, the following night.

1. Billy Budd
2. Have-A-Go Merchant
3. Spring-Heeled Jim
4. You're The One For Me, Fatty
5. The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
6. Whatever Happens, I Love You
7. We'll Let You Know
8. Jack The Ripper
9. Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
10. The National Front Disco
11. Moonriver
12. Hold Onto Your Friends
13. Boxers
14. Now My Heart Is Full
15. Speedway

References And Notes

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