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SPK was an experimental industrial noise music group founded by Graeme Revell(aka "EMS AKS", "Operator", "Oblivion") and Neil Hill(aka Ne/H/il) in 1978,

they are credited to have been at the forefront of the Australian post-punk, electronic/experimental movement of the late 1970s.

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SPK were an Australian industrial music and noise music group formed in 1978. They were fronted by mainstay member, Graeme Revell on keyboards and percussion. In 1980 the group travelled to the United Kingdom where they issued their debut album, Information Overload Unit. In 1983 Sinan Leong joined on lead vocals. The group disbanded in 1988. Two years later Revell and Leong relocated to the United States, where Revell works as a Hollywood film score composer. According to Australian rock music historian Ian McFarlane, SPK were "at the forefront of the local post-punk, electronic/experimental movement of the late 1970s ... [their] music progressed from discordant, industrial-strength metal noise to sophisticated and restrained dance-rock with strange attributes".