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Hi guys
I'm searching for James promo edits and singles from the past decade. Managed to grab a handful from 7 digital and quobuz.
Willing to swap and share recent stuff too. Thank you
I am missing.

Curse curse remix single
Curse radio edit
Frozen Britain radio edit
Dear John radio edit
Girl at the end of the world radio edit *if anyone has the clean version of the video to watch too that'd be great, required for a potential school space project
Waterfall radio edit
Crazy radio edit
Lookaway radio edit
To my surprise edit
Whiteboy radio edit and sampler edit *I've got a low quality mp3 but would love a better quality version
Nothing but love edit
Nothing but love instrumental
Whistle-blower *I had la petite mort on cd but never accessed the bonus track. Was it ever released elsewhere?

wav and flac or even mp3 would be great.


many thanks again, you've saved the day! all the best for 2019


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Hello guys. I´m interested in those listed songs, would you mind sharing It with me. I really thank you in advance.
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