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I think getting Granderson out there in cf and moving Gardner to left is part of the answer to the aging team but contracts might make the turnover slow. Damon and Matsui are gone. The trade in the other direction age wise is Melky is out while Nick Johnson is in. NJ in an on base machine and is going to dominate in the 2 hole. With him mostly a DH all year he should stay healthy.

The bullpen has Park at 37 and Mariano at 40. Park worries me since he really wasn't that good for Philly last year and he's a year older and in the AL East this year. The Sandman is ageless so I'm not phased by that at all.

Speaking of ageless.. what is up with Posada? That peeing on his hands thing is working.

Marte is 35 but he's a specialist and I think he can come in and face 1 lefty and hit the showers.

The youth out there comes from Joba and Robertson. Too bad DR got shelled the other night. Girardi was saying he could be the 8th inning guy. He throws hard but lacks consistency.

I think the overall feel of the team is a little younger than last year but not much. I don't really see a lot of room for change on the roster after this season.

I'm not sure how to get the age off this team but if they keep winning you wouldn't want to.

Go Red Sox!!!
just kidding

Yes,I agree with everything you say. I just hope that Posada doesn't have to resort to peeing on his hands before every at bat. He'd have to drink some serious amount of fluids to achieve this feat. If it is helping with his hitting for power, then keep peeing, Jorge. It's just a pity it hasn't boosted his running speed around the bases. It was funny watching him score from second at Fenway last week. He barely made it home and when he did reach he was fortunate that Martinez couldn't hold the ball for the tag, so he scrambled back and touched home plate with his hand. :D
Another rubber match tonight with Hughes making his first start of the season. Should be interesting. I really can't see the Angels doing much this season. The AL East looks as tight as ever, apart from the struggling O's.

Go Yankees!!!

This charming man.

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is it too early to laugh at the faltering Blo Sox, my American friends? :lbf:

I just know that this will come back and bite me on the arse. :D


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My secret's my enzyme.

Angels' Kendry Morales wins the game, then breaks his leg
First baseman is probably out for the season after being injured in home-plate celebration. Angels defeat Mariners, 5-1, on walk-off grand slam.
By Baxter Holmes

8:26 PM PDT, May 29, 2010

In an impossible instant, wild exuberance became implausible heartbreak Saturday, as what many in baseball had never seen but feared could someday happen, happened.

First baseman Kendry Morales, the Angels' best slugger, had just swung the team to a 5-1 victory over Seattle with a 10th-inning, walk-off grand slam.

As he rounded the bases, a sun-splashed crowd cheering his every step, his teammates sped from the dugout to greet him at home plate, as walk-off custom dictates.

But that will be the last walk-off celebration to take place here for some time, for when Morales leaped into the cheering scrum of teammates to touch home plate, he landed awkwardly, immediately falling to the ground with, X-rays later showed, a fracture in his lower left leg that probably will end his season.

Morales will undergo surgery Sunday performed by Dr. Phillip Kwong, a foot and ankle specialist with the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic.

As Morales lay still, his teammates stood silent, many looking down in disbelief. Some quickly waved for trainers. The crowd's cheers were silenced. The announcer's call of final pitching statistics echoed through the quieted ballpark.

It was several minutes before a cart bearing a stretcher reached him. Morales, who was leading the team in batting (.290), home runs (11), total bases (94) and runs batted in (39), waved his arms toward the fans as he was driven away.

"It'll change the way we celebrate," Manager Mike Scioscia said. "It sure is exciting, but you always wonder if it's an accident waiting to happen."

Morales' grand slam came with one out, after Maicer Izturis hit a double, Bobby Abreu was intentionally walked, and Reggie Willits reached on a grounder that was misplayed by former Angel Chone Figgins at second base.

Morales swung on the first pitch from Seattle reliever Brandon League, and it sailed to center field for what would have been a game-winner even if it hadn't cleared the fence.

Scioscia said Morales didn't land on anyone's foot and that it didn't seem to be anyone's fault. "It's a lesson for all of us," he said. "It's unfortunate."

But for a team already struggling with a 24-27 record, there seemed no more unfortunate a blow than losing Morales the way they did.

Indeed, the Angels' playoff chances may have left the field with the 26-year-old because no other player in their system compares with his talent and no other in their farm system seems talented enough to trade for a middle-of-the-order bat.

Angels General Manager Tony Reagins said players probably never will rush home plate to celebrate a walk-off win again: "If you go through this experience, it'll speak for itself."

Jered Weaver, who threw seven solid innings before earning a no-decision, agreed. "You've got to put it in the back of your mind now," Weaver said. "You've never really seen anything like that happen."

The closest incident, perhaps, came in 2002 during the American League division series, when the Minnesota Twins stormed the field in celebration and second baseman Denny Hocking, who caught the game's final out, was caught beneath a pile of teammates.

His hand was stepped on and injured, causing him to miss the entire AL Championship Series against the Angels.

Angels center fielder Torii Hunter, who was also injured Saturday when a 95-mph fastball hit his left hand, leaving a soft-tissue contusion, was on that team, and said the situations are nothing alike.

"That wasn't as bad as this," Hunter said. "This is bad. Denny was our utility player. Kendry Morales is an All-Star, damn near."

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Nobody ever looks at me twice
How about that "Doc" Halladay with the perfect game for the Phillies? Somewhere Richie Ashburn and Harry Kalas are smiling.


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How about that "Doc" Halladay with the perfect game for the Phillies? Somewhere Richie Ashburn and Harry Kalas are smiling.

Yeah, that is pretty amazing. A good and bad day in baseball yesterday.


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I was going to write this big ol' thing about how irritating Lady Gaga is but I think we all know this already. She's a faker. Nobody goes to a ball game in a bikini.


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How flippin' awesome was that Dodgers v Phillies game tonight? Seriously? AWE-SOME.

We get in the car and it's the bottom of the eighth, LA leading 9-2. By the time we got home Phil's win 10-9. :rofl: Ahhhhhhhhh, I love life sometimes. :D
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