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I would just like to say thank you to everyones who posted on this site it's very useful indeed.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any rapidshre sites that had Moz stuff on.
It's a shame Smithstorrents don't build a rapidshare version.
I would do it myself. Alas, I can just about turn a computer on.

Thanks again


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--- This thread reply is in Spanish, should I bother translating it? ---

Como ustedes bien saben yo soy partidario de la ideología "Si no te lo pueden dar, tómalo".
Robo música, con el atenuante de que en su mayoría son tracks imposibles de adquirir por la vía comercial en el área en donde vivo y con los medios a mi alcance, así que aquí enlisto los sitios de donde yo descargo música de Internet y, a su vez, agradeceré que me recomienden algún sitio o programa Peer-to-peer.

No se encuentran en orden de importancia.
Busca archivos, no sólo música. Recomiendo no buscar por el nombre completo sino sólo palabras clave para evitar encontrarse con virus.
Disecta una página web y te permite ver todos su componentes por separado, para robar canciones de páginas con la opción de descarga desactivada.
Es un buscador de canciones en blogs de música. No sólo te consigue canciones sueltas, sino que incluye muchísimas novedades y comentarios en el blog en donde fueron publicadas.
Es un sitio muy similar a 4shared con las mismas condiciones.
Te permite convertir un video de YouTube en un archivo Mp3 descargable. Es muy útil pero la compresión del audio original del video le resta calidad.
Probablemente el mejor sitio de este listado, un sitio en el que la gente comparte álbumes completos, películas e infinidad de contenido a modo de post.


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¡Oye elgatoculto! La mayoría de nosotros sabemos esto ya. ¿Cuál es el momento de ser ofensivo? Algunas personas aquí no son de las Américas, y no podría leer entre líneas.

Amor, Paz y Armonía,
Adam en Inglés

P.S. Espero leer todo correctamente. Si no, le pido disculpas.


Does anyone have the Demos to Jobriath's 3rd album I am actively searching for them,any help would be wonderful.Thank you.

Hmm? On a Smiths/Moz site?
Just get your Smiths/Moz bootlegs from
They're all still available and they are great and fast to download through megaupload instead of that vile rapidshare! Just scroll down to the bottom on the page and click newer, it brings you onto the Morrissey bootlegs!


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Should there be a link to Flax's new side project on the first post of this thread?

It makes me want to delete all my old bootlegs and start again, with proper track listings and fabulous art work.



Yes, it's on Kewpie's revised post....
The only problem was that some of the gig dates were mixed up and that it didn't give you different bootleg versions. As there may have been 2 or 3 people who recorded that same gig with different recording equipment, so therefore better bootlegs may exist.


Many thanks to drifter, his excellent site is still available:

A great deal of the links you supplied at the beginning of this thread are either dead, or lead to pages that are dead or are no longer relevant. Perhaps you should do something useful for once, and update your post.

And aren't you against downloading anyway? Didn't you tell everyone that they should be ashamed for downloading the bootleg audio rip from Hollywood Bowl that !Viva Hate! offered here last year, which was IN NO WAY commercially available?

And haven't you, on multiple occasions, out and out DELETED the download links I've supplied for various compilations I've made, under former usenames? Why, you've even implied that downloading music here gives the recipients viruses on their computers, and how you would never take the chance because download links are just gateways to trouble?

Oh wait..I think I understand. You are OK with downloading as long as the files come from users you like. OK, right...I understand. :)

Anyway yeah, fix your thread..."moderator."


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I've lost all my Smiths/Moz tracks. Can you please re-upload all of this? Thanks in advance!!!


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Is anyone aware of any online youtube-to-audio source converters that are still functioning? Or has Google nipped them all? A f***ing shame, I really built up my ITunes with background music for working with songs I wanted from albums that I couldn't be bothered to download. is a big one I miss.
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