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  • γεια σας again,
    Im female too and have reached the tender age of 27. and I am from hamburg,germany.
    oh yeah when youre 13 it was actually impossible then to see him in greece then;.) so i guess your parents did introduce him to you?how are their stories concerning morrissey? yeah i listen to a quite alot of music:sonic youth( band with whom without "indie guitar music" wouldnt be possible, nirvana cities them as a big influence),einstürzende Neubauten,Björk,DestinysChild(they had actually good songs on their 1+2nd album),Friedrich Holländer(german cabaret music composer from the 1920/30 ties),Velvet Underground, pixies, M.I.A.Turbonegro,Sleater Kinney,Le Tigre,(riot grrl stuff)Nick Cave,The Kinks,Goldfrapp,theSinatras,Dean Martin-Motown ,Rockabilly,Sixties,Ska ,Bollywoodsoundtracks,arabic music, classical indian music and something i call "gypsy punk" and much more. by the way your english is very good!;-) there are also some members of YOUR age here: franzanna, munchy brain, THENEVERPLAYEDSYMPHONY AND OTHERS-check the members pic thread -bu these are those ones i remember...

    I have sadly only discovered him at the age of 20, which was 2001,been a casual fan until 2006 when i finally saw him live and became a "slightly obsessive";p up until then.I have a bit of time off every now and then with him, you know you cant live in that intense fandom state for a long time, but as soon as i see him liVe its there again.
    I so hope you can see him live one will be smitten
    but he is a bit lazy touring europe..he seems to prefer uk/US
    so since youre parents like his music why not planning a short familyholiday in the UK then the next time he announces concerts- haha;-)

    enjoy yourself here maybe you have been lurking around here but let me point out some sites
    answers a lot of your Q on lyrics ,live history,overview of interview archives,discography and the interesting "under the influence part": which contains books, music,films, actors/actresses he likes or was influenced by
    but dont be afraid to put up questions nonetheless here even if some people roll your eyes on you cause they have been here for years until they are old and grey-) LOOOL and have seen certan topics came up several times;
    interview archive and huge image/picture gallery archive of morrissey
    smiths interviews and smiths PICTURE archive
    also very good site- i dont know when it was last updated but fine site whatsoever
    as a who is who of morrissey`s world ,lyrics interpretations etc downloadsite for concerts smiths /morrissey(i have not been able to download things from there. its a bit complicated, you have to wait til somebody seeds the downnload link etc, then it takes a veeery long time, also you must register there
    but most of the videobootlegs stuff is up on YOUTUBE (EDINBURGH 95 is great or NOTTINGHAM 86, also great even though it s not really a bootleg but a concert filmed and releasedi as a video in 95/96: called INTRODUCING its also there on youtube-introducing video has also been out up on the downloadsection here in the forums if you would like to have should-he looksa adoreable there-lots of stage invaders) its hot the audio stuff can be found in the download section(also some video bootleg stuff) here in the forum and its much easier...
    see you!
    καλώς τον
    which hopefully means ^ welcome;-)
    hope you have fun here.. a few people can be a bit rude around here...but often people actually only mean it "tongue in cheek"
    so how long have you been a moz fan?
    did you attend his greece concert?
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