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Wonderful Woman

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Name Wonderful Woman
Album/single This Charming Man (single)
Length 3:07 (Single version)
3:04 (Jensen Session)
3:20 (Troy Tate studio)
3:18 (Troy Tate outtake)
Writer/composer Morrissey/Marr
Producer John Porter (Single version)
Dale Griffin (Jensen Session)
Troy Tate (Troy Tate studio & outtake)
Release October 1983
Recorded September 1983


  • An early version of this song was known as 'What Do You See In Him?' which included different lyrics.
  • A version of this song is available on the Rush To Danger bootleg CD.
  • An "original demo" version of this song is available on the Shoplifters From Manchester bootleg CD.


Here her head she'd lay until she'd rise and say "I'm starved of mirth Let's go and trip a dwarf"

What to be done with her? What to be done with her?

Ice water for blood with neither heart or spine and then just to pass time let us go and rob the blind

What to be done with her? I ask myself What to be said of her?

And when she calls me I do now walk I run when she calls I do not walk I run

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