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Tina Dehghani

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Morrissey, Tina Dehghani & Fawn Vu.


Recieved an acknowledgement in Autobiography:

"to Tina Dehghani, always level"

Tina features in Autobiography and Morrissey provides some background:

My forties flip and flash with Tina Dehghani, who becomes a lifetime constant. Iranian by birth, Tina’s family were forced to Los Angeles when she was two years old, and had lived in Woodland Hills ever since. Her father had been a key figure in the overthrown Iranian government, and if a move to the US had not been made the family would all have been executed. Tina is a host of brown-eyed good intentions and patience and endurance, and it is only in the ninth year of knowing her that she lets slip her first and last complaint. Although tough and unperturbed, Tina’s nature is to place others first and herself last at all times, and her spirit is never infected by gossip or betrayal. We take our place together almost without noticing, and all is said with such small gestures. We are a steely duo at our favorite restaurants and watering holes, and time never drags. The life I had always led is not the same as the life I now lead, and with Tina, all sorts of strangeness become less so. I have still, to this very day, never known her to be late, or to refuse, or to decline, or to grumble, or to umm or err. Tina is my first experience of uncluttered commitment, attached – quite inexplicably – to a woman of great independence and logic. Having been raised on scraps, this is daunting for me.

Her photography was credited when used on Morrissey Central (Sep. 16, 2020 & December 29, 2021).

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