The June Brides

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The June Brides


Supported The Smiths on their 3 Irish dates in 1986.
Cited as Morrissey's favourite band of 1985 (via NME polls).

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British Indie band formed in London in 1983. The band split in 1986. They played one-off concerts in 1995, 2002 and 2009. Singer Phil Wilson returned to making music in 2007, with several former members of the band playing with him. The June Brides reformed officially in 2012.

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The June Brides are an English indie pop group, formed in London in 1983, by Phil Wilson and Simon Beesley of International Rescue. Influenced by Postcard-label bands such as Josef K and punk-era bands such as Buzzcocks, The Desperate Bicycles and The Television Personalities, their mix of guitar pop with viola and trumpet formed a blueprint for many of the indie pop bands that would follow.