Seven Immortals

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Seven Immortals logo


Image was used as a backdrop starting circa 2015 during First Of The Gang To Die. Identified by darby1974 (source). Featured in the film Rubble Kings.

From The Seven Immortals -

The Seven Immortals were another of NY's vicious street gangs at the time. They were responsible for the first ever gang meeting truce in The Bronx. Now when I mean responsible it seems that "The Immortals", "The Black Spades", "The Mongols", & "The Ghetto Brothers" got into a violent rumble that ended up in the death of "Black Benji" who was the peace keeper of "The Ghetto Brothers". After his murder all the gangs in The Bronx and some Police Officials organized a truce meeting. Part of this meeting can be seen in the short PBS reel 16mm film "Aint Gonna Eat My Mind" by Tony Batten. If you can get a hold of this film watch it very closely and listen carefully. "The Seven Immortals" along with "The Savage Nomads" were featured in the book called "Street Gangs" By James Haskins.