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MORRISSEY Studio Album
Name 'Maladjusted'
Release 11 August 1997 (UK)
12 August 1997 (US)
4 May 2009 (Remastered Edition)
Total Length 40:04 (UK)
43:00 (US)
61:40 (Remastered Edition)
Recorded Winter 1996
Hookend Manor, Berkshire, England
Writer/composer Morrissey / Alain Whyte
Morrissey / Boz Boorer
Morrissey / Spencer Cobrin
Producer Steve Lillywhite
Danton Supple (Remastered Edition)
Art work Photo: Rankin
Photo: Pat Pope (Remastered Edition)
Publisher Island Records (UK)
Mercury Records (US)
Polydor Records (Remastered Edition)
Format(s) Vinyl, CD
Chart position UK #8
US #61
UK #103 (Remastered Edition)
Studio Album chronology
Southpaw Grammar
You Are The Quarry
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On 4 May 2009, a newly remastered special edition of Maladjusted was released. Controversially, Morrissey chose to omit two of the album's original tracks, "Papa Jack" and "Roy's Keen", and include the extra tracks "Lost", "Heir Apparent", "The Edges Are No Longer Parallel", "This Is Not Your Country", "I Can Have Both" and "Now I Am A Was". "Sorrow Will Come In The End" was also restored from the original US release and the running order was rearranged to accommodate these changes. The album artwork was completely redesigned, with a Pat Pope photo taken in 1997.

Track list


  1. Maladjusted – 4:42 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  2. Alma Matters – 4:48 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  3. Ambitious Outsiders – 3:56 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  4. Trouble Loves Me – 4:40 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  5. Papa Jack – 4:33 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  6. Ammunition – 3:38 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  7. Wide To Receive – 3:53 (Morrissey/Cobrin)
  8. Roy's Keen – 3:36 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  9. He Cried – 3:21 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  10. Satan Rejected My Soul – 2:56 (Morrissey/Boorer)


  1. Maladjusted – 4:42 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  2. Alma Matters – 4:48 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  3. Ambitious Outsiders – 3:56 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  4. Trouble Loves Me – 4:40 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  5. Papa Jack – 4:33 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  6. Ammunition – 3:38 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  7. Wide To Receive – 3:53 (Morrissey/Cobrin)
  8. Roy's Keen – 3:36 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  9. He Cried – 3:21 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  10. Sorrow Will Come In The End – 2:51 (Morrissey/Whyte) *bonus track
  11. Satan Rejected My Soul – 2:56 (Morrissey/Boorer)

Remastered Edition

  1. Maladjusted – 4:41 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  2. Ambitious Outsiders – 3:55 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  3. Trouble Loves Me – 4:39 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  4. Lost – 3:55 (Morrissey/Cobrin)
  5. He Cried – 3:19 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  6. Alma Matters – 4:47 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  7. Heir Apparent – 3:56 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  8. Ammuntion – 3:37 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  9. The Edges Are No Longer Parallel – 5:04 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  10. This Is Not Your Country – 7:24 (Morrissey/Whyte)
  11. Wide To Receive – 3:52 (Morrissey/Cobrin)
  12. I Can Have Both – 4:04 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  13. Now I Am A Was – 2:35 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  14. Satan Rejected My Soul – 2:56 (Morrissey/Boorer)
  15. Sorrow Will Come In The End – 2:51 (Morrissey/Whyte)

Press Release

Posted in Morrissey-solo news (June 26, 1997):

street date: August 12

Maladjusted is Morrissey's ninth album release, his first for Mercury Records. In England, where Morrissey was born in 1959, he has had two number one albums (Viva Hate 1988, Vauxhall and I 1994), whilst in North America his highest chart placings have been with Your Arsenal (#21, 1992) and Vauxhall and I (#19, 1994).

Morrissey last toured the US in 1992, culminating with two sold out shows at the Hollywood Bowl which broke The Beatles fastest sell out record. He also sold out Madison Square Garden.

Morrissey's primary musical influences are the New York Dolls, The Angelic Upstarts, and Klaus Nomi. His favorite album is Chelsea Girl by Nico, his favourite poet A. E. Housman, his favorite artists are Gilbert and George, and his favorite film is Geoffrey Wright's "Romper Stomper" (Australia, 1993).

Morrissey has no interest in world politics and prefers the company of animals to humans. His ambition is to play in Freemantle in Western Australia, otherwise he has no interest whatsoever in modern life.

He lives in Spain.

- Stoney Hando

Sleeve Artwork

Mentioned In

Discogs Information


  • Bass - Jonny Bridgwood
  • Design [Package] - Louis Marino
  • Drums - Spencer Cobrin
  • Edited By [Digitally] - Ron Boustead
  • Engineer - Danton Supple
  • Engineer [Assistant] - Alex Black
  • Guitar, Clarinet - Martin Boorer
  • Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals - Alain Whyte
  • Mastered By - Stephen Marcussen
  • Photography By - Rankin (3)
  • Producer - Steve Lillywhite
  • Written-By - Alain Whyte
  • Written-By - Martin Boorer
  • Written-By - Morrissey
  • Written-By - Spencer Cobrin


Issued in a gloss sleeve. Heavyweight disc with Island labels. Printed inner sleeve of card, top opening with a die cut thumb section, also gloss, features lyrics and credits.

Runouts are etched excepting the SNA logo which is stamped.


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Discogs information (additional release)


Issued in a jewel case with a clear tray and with a twelve page metallic silver booklet.

Sample (dialogue) from the song "Maladjusted" from "Cockleshell Heroes", courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

℗ 1997 Mercury Records © 1997 Mercury Records. The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Mercury Records and is exclusively licensed to Island Records Ltd in the UK.


OC5qcGVn.jpeg MS5qcGVn.jpeg My5qcGVn.jpeg

Discogs information (additional release)


The track Sorrow Will Come In The End does not appear on the UK version of this album.


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Discogs information (additional release)


Sample (dialogue) from the song 'Maladjusted' from Cockleshell Heroes, courtesy of Columbia Pictures. Expanded edition. Re-mastered and re-sequenced with brand new artwork to sound and look the way Morrissey wanted. Includes rare bonus tracks and exclusive photos. Extended booklet with brand new liner notes by Morrissey.

Does not include the tracks "Papa Jack" and "Roy's Keen" from the original 1997 release.


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Wikipedia Information


Maladjusted is the sixth studio album by English singer Morrissey, released on 11 August 1997 by Island Records. On release, the album received a lukewarm reception from fans and critics alike, and was Morrissey's last studio album for seven years, until 2004's You Are the Quarry.