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German label established in early 1979 by former TELDEC A&R manager Uwe Tessnow; actually appears as "Line Records." (with dot at the end) Label Code: LC 6155 / LC 06155. The label run through a bunch of companies and distributors. Several releases have variations for this reason. That's why the companies and distributor credits should always be denoted detailed. For the timeline see below. This still needs some more research. For entries with the boxed logo please use: Line (7) Please use Line Records (7) for unofficial releases.

Line Records releases usually have two cat##: One beginning with "6." or "9.", etc. (originating from TELDEC), plus their own system, starting with: LS, OLS: 7-inch single LMS, OLMS: 12-inch single LSLP, OLSP, MLSP: Single Longplayer LLP, OLLP, MLLP, BLLP: Longplayer LDLP, OLDLP, BLDLP: Two-record set LMC, OLMC: Music Cassette.

Timeline: 1979 until 1981: The company credited bottom rear cover is Line Records Schallplatten GmbH, followed by Marketed and Distributed by TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten GmbH At the label perimeter: Manufactured by TELDEC Hamburg 19 1981 The company credit changed to Line Records GmbH, the TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten GmbH still remains for a while. At the label perimeter: Manufactured by TELDEC Hamburg 19, Germany Line Music GmbH was introduced approximately 1984

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