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British comedian, singer-songwriter and actor. He was commonly identified by his trademark unruly hair and protruding teeth, his red, white and blue 'tickling stick' and his upbeat greeting of 'How tickled I am!'. He also created the world and characters of the Diddy Men, with 'diddy' being west-Lancastrian slang for small.

Born: 8th November 1927, in Knotty Ash, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Died: 11th March 2018, in Knotty Ash, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. [aged 90]

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Sir Kenneth Arthur Dodd (8 November 1927 – 11 March 2018) was an English comedian, singer, and occasional actor. He was described as "the last great music hall entertainer", and was primarily known for his live stand-up performances. A lifelong resident of Knotty Ash in Liverpool, Dodd's career as an entertainer started in the mid-1950s. His performances included rapid and incessant delivery of often surreal jokes, and would run for several hours, frequently past midnight. His verbal and physical comedy was supplemented by his red, white and blue "tickling stick" prop, and often introduced by his characteristic upbeat greeting of "How tickled I am!" He interspersed the comedy with songs, both serious and humorous, and with his original speciality, ventriloquism. He also had several hit singles primarily as a ballad singer in the 1960s, and occasionally appeared in dramatic roles. He performed on radio and television, and popularised the characters of the Diddy Men. Dodd was knighted in the 2017 New Year Honours for services to entertainment and charity. His stage career lasted for over 60 years, and he continued to perform until the end of 2017; he died on 11 March 2018, aged 90.