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Kadim Al Sahir


In 2008, Morrissey was said to be looking to play in Iran.
From the NME at the time:

The ex-Smiths frontman has expressed an interest in playing a date in the country’s capital Tehran this June, ideally with the Arab pop singer Kazem al-Sahir. According to The Independent, the singer’s management are currently awaiting a formal response from Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance."

The source of this information appears to be Merck Mercuriadis, who is more fully quoted in The Independent("Heaven knows I'm Middle Eastern now" - January 7, 2008):

"It's a major priority for us"
"One way or another we will tour the Middle East – in terms of places like Jerusalem and Beirut. And we hope to play Iran."
Of Al Sahir, Mercuriadis added: "He's a hero for Morrissey and Morrissey admires his work."

Wikipedia Information


Kadim Jabbar Al Samarai (born September 12, 1957), better known by his stage name Kadim Al Sahir (Arabic: كاظم الساهر), is an Iraqi singer, actor, and composer. He typically performs with an orchestra of twenty to thirty musicians on Arabic percussion, oud, qanun, nay, and a full complement of strings (violin, cello, and bass). While some of his work makes use of electronic musical sounds, he avoids the use of synthesizers to imitate acoustic instruments. His work frequently features Iraqi folk instruments, rhythms and melodies.

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