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American singer, guitarist, and artist.

Born: 30 December 1928 in McComb, Mississippi, USA. Died: 2 June 2008 in Archer, Florida, USA (aged 79).

Diddley was an influential singer & guitarist who recorded his best known material for the Checker and Chess labels. He scored his first hit with the double sided single "Bo Diddley / I'm A Man" (1955), and a string of R&B hits followed through the 1950s & early 1960s, most notably "Diddley Daddy" (1955), "Mona" (1957), "Say Man" (1959), and "Road Runner" (1960).

His trademark rhythm, the "Bo Diddley Beat", was an acknowledged influence on many artists including: Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison, The Yardbirds, and George Thorogood, among others.

He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 1987 (Performer).

Diddley married four times. "Love Is Strange" hit by Mickey & Sylvia was written by Bo Diddley under the name of his second wife Ethel Smith (2). From 1960 to 1980 he was married to Kay McDaniel (née Kay Reynolds) despite taboos against interracial marriage.

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Ellas Otha Bates (December 30, 1928 – June 2, 2008), known professionally as Bo Diddley, was an American guitarist and singer who played a key role in the transition from the blues to rock and roll. He influenced many artists, including Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Animals, George Thorogood, Syd Barrett, and the Clash.His use of African rhythms and a signature beat, a simple five-accent hambone rhythm, is a cornerstone of hip hop, rock, and pop music. In recognition of his achievements, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, the Blues Hall of Fame in 2003, and the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame in 2017. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Diddley is also recognized for his technical innovations, including his use of tremolo and reverb effects to enhance the sound of his distinctive rectangular-shaped guitars.