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A Certain Ratio


Morrissey took money for the band once and knew Simon Topping prior to the group forming.
Marr's first appearence after leaving The Smiths was with A Certain Ratio.
Morrissey stated:

"Of his band A Certain Ratio, Simon Topping tells me: ‘We’re doing a cover of Frankenstein by the New York Dolls.’ I ask Jesus exactly how I am expected to take such news. Having spent so long outside the palace gates, I somehow cannot believe it. I had served as a thematic thread for Simon as he pieced his band together, and I had placed the ad for a drummer for Simon that had produced Donald Johnson, who would become A Certain Ratio’s savior. My affection for Simon remained solid, but Major Domo I wasn’t. I collected the cash for A Certain Ratio’s first-ever gig at the Band On the Wall, but couldn’t for the life of me understand why. Heart on backwards, I began to suffer daily panic attacks. My mother is alarmed as my heart seems to be stuck in my throat. I endure the common slipway of prescribed antidepressants when I am really only reacting quite naturally to my humiliating surroundings – plus lack of air. I travel in the van with A Certain Ratio to Liverpool for their debut at Eric’s, and although the band look terrific, nothing that isn’t my own seems to work for me."

And mentions thereafter:

"When my old friend Simon Topping appeared on the cover of the NME, I died a thousand deaths of sorrow and lay down in the woods to die."

Marr's sighting via N.M.E 05/09/1987:

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British post punk & indie funk band formed in 1977 near Manchester. A Certain Ratio took their name from the lyrics of Brian Eno's song The True Wheel (from his album [url=http://www.discogs.com/master/6168]Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)[/url] (1974). Their first records were released on Factory. Over the years there have been changes in line-up and periods of inactivity.

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A Certain Ratio (abbreviated as ACR) are an English post-punk band formed in Flixton, Greater Manchester in 1977 by Peter Terrell (guitar, electronics) and Simon Topping (vocals, trumpet), with Jez Kerr (bass guitar, vocals), Martin Moscrop (trumpet, guitar), Donald Johnson (drums), and Martha Tilson (vocals) joining soon after.One of the first white indie groups to draw heavy influence from funk as well as disco and Latin percussion, the band were among the first to debut on Tony Wilson's Factory Records in 1979 with "All Night Party," produced by Martin Hannett. During ACR's early years with Factory, they scored seven Top Ten UK independent releases, highlighted by "Flight" and "Waterline," and released five studio albums beginning with The Graveyard and the Ballroom (1980).Following late 1980s and early 1990s phases with major-label A&M and Rob Gretton's independent Robs Records, ACR were intermittently active. They returned to the studio for their ninth studio album Mind Made Up (2008) and since then have continued to perform, with their back catalogue recirculated through an arrangement with Mute Records. They released their first new studio album in twelve years, ACR Loco in September 2020, followed by three EP's A, C and R in 2021, and eleventh studio album, 1982, in 2023.