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Hi there. Thanks for posting the single version of James' "We're Going To Miss You". Unfortunately, looks like the link expired (just saw the reply today, doh!). I was the original poster in search of this version (not sure why I posted anonymously). Any chance of getting a re-up?

Was always a casual James fan but boredom during the pandemic got me into their newer output and finding some real gems. Thanks!
No problem. I usually browse the forum and login from time to time and I am only seeing this now. Try this link. I hope this is the same one I uploaded at the time and hopefully what you are looking for. Cheers.
Born In 1975
Born In 1975
That's the version! Thanks so much!
Hey Modrevolve, hope you're well.

I can see you've already been asked previously, but I'm also on the hunt for a copy of the Tarquin Roughs by The National.

Any chance you still have a copy you're able to share?

I'd be extremely grateful!
Did you sell the subway posters? I know it’s a super old post but trying to track down one of the Shoplifters subway poster. Thanks!
hey, my first time back in a while and surprised to see this place still ticking along, but also pleased, keep up the goodwork!
Hi, sorry for adding to the wall of requests that your profile's turning into, but I'd be very grateful to know if you still have the Tony Hoffer-produced Suede session tracks for 'A New Morning' listed in the compilation "Suede’s Not Dead Bonus Unreleased and Rare Demos Disc 4", which you once posted a now-long-defunct link to.
Dear Morrissey,

I feel for you. I gave up work in January to help my sisters look after my mom. She is weak, but happy, and a pleasure to be with. Make the best of your time with your mom, now and when she gets better, as we only have one.

I don’t pray any more, but I will today for both of us and our moms.

Best wishes,

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