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Photography - Anton Corbijn<br>
Photography - Anton Corbijn<br>
Photography - Steve Wright<br>
Photography - Steve Wright<br>
== Sleeve Artwork ==
<gallery  perrow="6">
File:Vivahate1988.jpg | Original cover art.
File:Viva88_uk_lp_back.jpg | Original UK LP back cover.
File:Viva88ukcdback.jpg | Original UK CD back cover.
File:Viva88uscdback.jpg | Original US CD back cover.
File:Vivahate1988_eir.jpeg | 'Education In Reverse' cover art.
File:Viva_eir_lp_back.jpg | 'Education In Reverse' LP back cover.
File:Vivahate1997.JPG | 'Centenary Edition CD cover art.
File:Viva1997cdback.jpg | 'Centenary Edition CD back cover.
File:Vivahate2012.jpg | Special Edition CD cover art.
File:Viva2012cdback.jpg | Special Edition CD back cover.

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Cover art
Centenary Edition cover
MORRISSEY Studio Album
Name 'Viva Hate'
Length 42:16 (original UK release)
46:07 (original US release)
69:22 (1997 Centenary Edition)
40:53 (2012 Special Edition)
Recorded Autumn-Winter 1987
Writer/composer Morrissey/Street
Producer Stephen Street
Art work
Chart position
Studio Album chronology
'Viva Hate'

Viva Hate is Morrissey's debut solo album. Originally entitled Education in Reverse (some LPs in Australia and New Zealand were released with the original title), the album was released on 14 March 1988 by HMV Records a mere six months after The Smiths' final album, Strangeways, Here We Come. Produced and co-wrote by Stephen Street, the album yielded two Top 10 singles, "Suedehead" and "Everyday Is Like Sunday".


Morrissey - Vocals
Stephen Street - Bass guitar, guitars
Vini Reilly - Guitars, keyboard
Andrew Paresi - Drums
John Metcalfe - Viola
Fenella Barton - Violin
Mark Davies - Cello
Richard Koster - Violin
Robert Wollard - Cello
Rachel Maguire - Cello
Producer - Stephen Street
Assistant Engineer - Steve Williams
Art co-ordination - Jo Slee
Layout - Caryn Gough
Photography - Anton Corbijn
Photography - Steve Wright

Sleeve Artwork