The Orson Family

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Short-lived psychobilly/rock´n roll/gothic rock band featuring sibling vocalists Vernon, Ruby and John Orson, who also played guitars and were backed by Vincent (bass) and David O. (drums). The Orson Family wasn't really a family. They were formed around 1982 in England. Vernon and Ruby lived together (they were engaged but never married). Brewster and David O. are actually the same person. They soon added a trumpet player called Kevin but nicknamed Elmer. They quoted Hank Williams, Link Wray, Bunker Hill, Vincent, Cochran, Lou Reed, The Jam, The Cramps as influences. They records a self released 3 track EP, a six track mini LP The River of Desire, the 12" No-one Waits Forever, a live LP Bugles, Guitars & Amphetamine and another single The Sweetest Embrace but with another singer as Skully left/was fired soon before.

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