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Master list of priorities for the Morrissey-solo Wiki. If you have spare bandwidth to help edit any of the below please do. Suggestions for items to be worked on are welcome.
See forum thread: [ Morrissey-solo Wiki - updates and feature requests]
== Recent Changes ==
To do:
* Feb. 2, 2013: DT - Appeared On is now also automated, see [[Hand In Glove]] and [[Suedehead]]. Tracklist data is still missing in some albums so that data also needs to be entered for the queries to be completely accurate. Adding this to the song pages as part of the cleanup, I'll work on the songs when I have some time but if feel free to help, it's pretty simple data entry but can get a bit tedious.
* Interview transcriptions
* Jan. 26, 2013: DT - Semantic MediaWiki is up and running, see the Live History section of the songs [[Hand In Glove]] and [[Suedehead]]. Now to add them to the rest of the songs, let me know if you want to help. Also while we're at it, do some cleanup of the song pages.
== Example templates ==
* Song - [[Suedehead (single)]]
* Album - [[Viva Hate]]
* TV Show Appearance - [[Later...With_Jools_Holland]]
* Influences on Morrissey - Music  - [[Shirley Bassey]]
* Influences on Morrissey - Literature - [[Shelagh Delaney]]
* Influenced by Morrissey / The Smiths - [[Radiohead]]
* Morrissey concert - [[Utrecht, Holland 1991-05-01 (Morrissey concert)]]
* Smiths concert - [[Derby, England 1983-12-06 (The Smiths concert)]]
== Existing Pages That Need Work ==
* Base Morrissey and The Smiths discography, lyrics, live history pages, past/current band bios, timeline
* [[Oscar Wilde]]
* [[Madonna]]
* [[David Bowie]]
* [[T. Rex]]
* [[Jake Walters]]
* [[Kirsty MacColl]]
== Suggested Features ==
* Expanded concert details - total song plays count, venue played count. (DT - this is done with the addition of Semantic MediaWiki, just need to enter the data for the Live History section of each song. For venues played count, this can be seen easily looking at the "Morrissey concert" of "The Smiths concert" categories).
* Info about alternate versions/mixes (if any) on each song page.
* Change lyric formatting so that it renders as individual lines instead of a paragraph?
DT: Lyrics are in a blockquote, lines seem to be separated fine. Can you give an example / more details of the improvement you are thinking of?
SAG: Maybe it just renders oddly on my computer, but I was hoping to see the lyrics be laid out more like the way they are in lyric booklets.  For example, here is a song page from a Nine Inch Nails wiki with the lyrical lines separated to reflect the way they are sung, i.e. with only one lyrical line per line on the screen.
DT: Thanks for the example SAG, I hadn't see the NIN wiki. The lyrics actually look pretty similar. Which lyrics don't you see with one lyrical line per line on the screen? For example [[Hand In Glove]] and others look fine for me in all major browsers on Windows / Mac.
SAG: They all render wrong for me, so it's obviously just my old computer.  I guess I thought that if the NIN lyrics were working right that lyrics on other wikis would as well, due to the fact that wikis are inherently (and thankfully) not filled with bells and whistles that some browsers and computers can't quite deal with. You can of course disregard my suggestion and delete our dialogue now.  Sorry for all the hoopla about nothing.
== To-Do - General Topics ==
* Bands that have covered Morrissey / The Smiths
* Animal Rights / Vegetarianism
* British Royal Family
* Salford Lads Club
* Music papers / magazine - NME, Mojo, Q, Melody Maker
* List of interviews (press, tv) - add topics and details to existing topics from each to wiki
* Site archives - add topics and details to existing topics
=== Associates ===
* Linder Sterling
* Michael Bracewell
* Kristeen Young
=== Video Directors ===
* Tim Broad
* James O'Brien
* Bucky Fukumoto
* Zach Snyder
=== Photographers ===
* Stephen Wright
* Ian Tilton
* Kevin Cummins
* Paul Slattery
* Derek Ridgers
=== Influences on Morrissey - Music ===
* Andy Williams
* Angelic Upstarts
* Anthony Newley
* Billy Fury
* Brian Eno
* Brigitte Bardot
* Buffy St. Marie
* The Cats
* Charlie Feathers
* Cilla Black
* Cockney Rejects
* Diana Dors
* Dionne Warwick
* Elvis Presley
* Françoise Hardy
* Frank Sinatra
* Generation X
* Helen Shapiro
* Herman's Hermits
* Iggy Pop
* The Jam
* James Maker
* Jaybee Wasden
* Jimmy Radcliff
* Jobriath
* Joni Mitchell
* Klaus Nomi
* Ludus
* Magazine
* Marianne Faithfull
* Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
* The Marvelettes
* Mr. Bloe
* Nancy Sinatra
* Nat Couty
* New York Dolls
* Nico
* Patti Smith
* Paul Jones
* Petula Clark
* Pretenders
* Ramones
* Reparata
* Rita Pavone
* Roxy Music
* Sam Cooke
* Sandie Shaw
* Sacha Distel
* Sandy Posey
* Shocking Blue
* Siouxsie and the Banshees
* Smoking Popes
* Sparks
* The Sundown Playboys
* Television Personalities
* Timi Yuro
* The Toys
* Twinkle
* Velvet Underground
* Vince Eager
=== Influences on Morrissey - Literature ===
* [ Alan Bennett]
* [ Alan Sillitoe]
* [ Charlotte Brontë]
* [  Elizabeth Gaskell]
* [ James Baldwin]
* [ Jean Cocteau]
* [ John Betjeman]
* [  John Osborne]
* [ Maya Angelou]
=== Influences on Morrissey - Film and Television ===
*[ Accattone]
*[ Bande à part]
*[  The Barretts of Wimpole Street]
*[ Billy Liar]
*[ Carry On Series]
*[ Charlie Bubbles]
*[ The Collector]
*[  The East of Eden]
*[ The Family Way]
*[  Flesh]
*[ The Happiest Days of Your Life]
*['s_Choice_(film) Hobson's Choice]
*[  Jane Eyre]
*[  Late Marriage]
*[ The Leather Boys]
*[ The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner]
*[  The Member of the Wedding]
*[ The Naked Truth]
*[ A Night to Remember]
*[ The Old Dark House]
*[  Orphée]
*[ Rebel Without a Cause]
*[ Saturday Night And Sunday Morning]
*[ The Servant]
*[ Sleuth]
*[ A Taste of Honey]
*[ This Sporting Life]
*[ Victim]
*[ Women In Revolt]
*[ Yield to the Night]

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See forum thread: Morrissey-solo Wiki - updates and feature requests

To do:

  • Interview transcriptions