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Chicory Tip


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Pop group formed in 1967, based in Maidstone, Kent, England. Biggest hit: "Son of My Father", 1972.

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Chicory Tip are an English pop group, formed in 1967 in Maidstone, Kent. The band originally comprised vocalist Peter Hewson (born 1 September 1945, in Gillingham); guitarist Richard "Rick" Foster (born 7 July 1946); bass guitarist Barry Mayger (born 1 June 1946, Maidstone, died 14 January 2020 in Portugal); drummer Mick Russell who on getting married and moving to Wales was replaced in 1970 by Brian Shearer (born 4 May 1951, Lewisham, South East London); and guitarist and keyboard player from October 1972 Rod Cloutt (born Rodney Cloutt, 22 January 1948, Gillingham, died in Australia 2016).Chicory Tip released only a few records in the US. Their name was shortened to just Chicory for the U.S. market for their first two releases there, before they reverted to the full name.