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Autobiography (UK Special Hardback Edition)
Autobiography (US Hardback)
Name Autobiography
Author Morrissey
Pages 457 (UK Paperback)
368 (UK Special Hardback Edition)
464 (US Hardback)
Release 17 October 2013 (UK Paperback)
5 December 2013 (UK Special Hardback Edition)
3 December 2013 (US Hardback)
Publisher Penguin Classics
G.P. Putnam's Sons (US Hardback)
ISBN 9780141394817 (UK Paperback)
9780141395081 (UK Special Edition Hardback)
9780399171543 (US Hardback)


A decade in the making, Morrissey finally released his autobiography in 2013. It was an immediate #1 UK bestseller and remained on the UK bestseller list for weeks, with record-breaking sales. Controversy arose around the choice of publisher (Penguin Classics) and around the fact that the two editions after the original omitted information about Morrissey's relationship with Jake Walters. The UK special hardback edition is printed in full color and contains includes new images chosen by Morrissey and a full discography of his work. An audiobook edition read by actor David Morrissey was also released on CD and digital on the same day as the aforementioned edition.

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