There's this little guy in our complex. Has the most horrific story associated with the pool, but he's overcome it. Loves swimming now. Loves watching people swim. He's always around, talks in this little monotone voice, super chatty. But everyone ignores him because he's so pervasive. It drives me crazy because he says the coolest little things and has an absolute heart of gold. Nobody knows his story, I do by complete accident. I'm not saying that knowing his story should be what makes people listen, but it just makes me sad when he's so talkative and fearless and friendly and everyone ignores him. Maybe I identify, but HE shouldn't have to get used to it, he's just a sweet kid. :o

I always talk to him. I just had to tell him to get off the steps which is somebody's private steps. He's a little rule breaker too, I kinda love that about him as well. :sweet: He always delivers the rent, my favorite tenant interaction.


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