Real Love is Unconditional

I can be quoted, recently, as having said Morrissey was ruining Morrissey for me.
And over the last day and half, I have reviewed the sentiment and come to some important conclusions.
The fact that he is true to himself, consequences be damned, is one of the things I love the most about him.
I have never felt like I had to agree with everything he said, or possess the same vehemence for his beliefs, so, why should I expect to now?
I refuse to have some knee-jerk reaction on a predictable front just like the rest of the mindless sheep.
That isn't my style.
And on a more sentimental note, I genuinely love this man. My deepest attachments are to the words, and the spirit of the individual who wrote them. His music has been a constant feature of my existence for so long, it is a part of me. There is no set of circumstances under which I would cease to listen to him. None.
And then, along this tangent of thought, it must further be true that he cannot "ruin" himself for me.
He's been too significant. Nothing can change how I feel.


You sound very balanced, fair and lovely. :thumb:
Thank you CG, that's a lovely thing to say!
I have grown up with unconditional love, so I am able to offer it to others.
God knows we all say things on the cusp of reason at times, and if I went around cancelling my emotions for
people who said something a bit off, it wouldn't be long before there was no one left to love.
I keep getting residual chuckles off your entry the other day!
The matter-of-fact "That is all" was classic!

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