Wresling with Russell


I was overjoyed walking into JB Hi Fi today to find years of refusal on sale, generally Australia has to wait a couple of months after a Moz release to see it in stores here (albums only, singles dont touch our shores). Even after downloading it a month ago I needed it to continue my collection so I bought it. But was upset to see it didn't contain a DVD featuring wrestling with russell :(
I love Morrissey, I love Russell Brand (at least I get to see Russell in March, still waiting on that "post poned" australian tour Moz) so I was really, really looking forward to this DVD feature. If any kind soul who has it could upload it I would be very greatful, even by PM if you dont want to post the link publicly.

Cheers and such


it hasn't
I'm hoping this is going to leak soon as well, I can't afford £15 for the delux album at the moment, but will come payday.


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Wrestle with Russell?

I purchased Years of Refusal when it came out, but foolishly didn't think to get the DVD edition. Is there anywhere else I would be able to watch the interview with Russell Brand? The only option I can find somewhere is paying £15 for the DVD edition, which is a bit much for an album I already have. Would love to see it as I'm a big fan of both Moz and Brand.
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