Why is Morrissey the best?

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There is so much music by so many people out there, what really sets Morrissey apart from the rest for you? He is my favourite lyricist, but I have discovered so much else since I've discovered him that I've realised he's not the only one who can write a beautiful melody.

This question particularly applies if you're one of the devoted who ONLY listens to him (is there anyone like that?).


He is one of a kind, his words transform into countless amounts of meanings. He writes from a universal perspective not female or male like most. He is insanely attractive, his physical characteristic is very original. He has a wonderful charasmatic personality that attracts many, from haters to lovers.

He has a large cult following that is HUGE but still remains underground.
The list goes forever but something else you have to take into consideration is the band. His song writers play an important role in his career

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I can speak as a person who once did listen to Morrissey exclusively. My tastes have expanded somewhat since I was seventeen, but back then I listened only to Morrissey, several hours a day, every single day.

When I first discovered Morrissey I wasn't a music fan at all. In fact, often I drove in my car with no radio on or anything; just silence. Morrissey changed that forever, really. The reason was simply that Morrissey actually spoke to me; his music was the first thing that ever spoke to me. That unlocked a level of emotion that I was never capable of. I had never looked up to anybody in my life; nobody had ever really given much though about my life, not even me. And then Morrissey comes along as if he's been there every second, writing down every detail, and even if he didn't actually care, he at least understood. In addition, he taught me that it was fine to be strange. I wish I could pinpoint a particular song that invoked all of this; but it was no song in particular. My first album was "Hatful of Hallow," which was quickly followed by "The Queen is Dead" and "Louder Than Bombs." That was followed by a few months of constant discovery of new material; albums, b-sides, and live performances, which was quickly followed up by "You Are the Quarry." Those were some of the best times.

Since those long passed days I've become quite a big fan of The Cure. Other bands I rate highly include Sia, Third Eye Blind, Boston, and Suede. However, the only one who gets a daily listen is Moz. The rest come and go with the seasons.


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Thanks guys. Lucas, I am the same as you in that when I was seventeen I would only listen to Morrissey, but since then I have discovered many others. He was also the only lyricist I had heard who really spoke to me and said so much about my life. These days I love old folk rock - Dylan, Crosby Stills and Nash, Neil Young, and I also love the Beatles and Tom Waits, amongst others. They often write on different topics to Morrissey but they share his gift for heart-stoppingly beautiful music. But I want to thank Morrissey in that if I hadn't discovered him, I don't think I would appreciate the other artists that I do now. I would listen and go 'meh'. But Morrissey not only taught me so much about my life, he also taught me how to love music. This may seem an odd concept, but I think it's true.
What they said ^ basically.

Or rather what she said.

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He was the best. Sorry to say, I don't like Ultra Tragic Years Of Self Abusal Morrissey.

Can 1991 - 1995 Morrissey come back?


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he sings to the soul and stirs the deepest emotions. he is heartbreaking and uplifting, he is humorous and snarky. he is fragile and intimidating all at once. physically, the man has few to compete with he is an adonis.
he is morrissey, there is no other...


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Because he has never sold out. Like one of my other heroes, John Lydon, who now advertises butter on TV. Moz would never ever do something like that. He is one special and unique individual, the likes of which we shall probably never see again.


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Because he has never sold out. He is one special and unique individual, the likes of which we shall probably never see again.

I agree completely and also one individual with great voice, witting skills and a poetic sensibility - how could he not be the best? :cool:


Geezus when I saw this post I thought this has to be a mute witness thread but no it isn't. But then I see who's the first to respond? Great minds do something alike but I'm not sure it's thinking though :D
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