Which Morrissey's favourite bands/artist you least like?

Which Morrissey's favourite band/artist you least like?

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Inspired by a post of terence on other music, just curious to know about your opinion.

This is multiple choice and public poll.

Thanks for voting. :)

Thanks for Bluebirds correcting typo of Ludus.
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I think I understand the question...

The New York Dolls. Morrissey loves them. Axl Rose loves them. I don't. Absolute shite, in my humble opinion. In fact, I dislike virtually all of Morrissey's favourite artists, except maybe Sparks.

Was the Sex Pistols "New York" a shot at the 'Dolls?

oye terence

ampersand after ampersand
i cant stand the dolls or sparks.terrible

his best choice for opening act on any tour, and a band he has always praised, one of the few i really agree with him on is the smoking popes, they are amazing.


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Ludas are actually Ludus.

This is a preposterous poll. For f***s sake.

Our last referendum as a nation (UK) was worded like this. I think the word you are looking for is dislike by the way

Can I be a moderator?


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Oh, you forgot Patti Smith. I dislike her music, it just wasn't my thing. The New York Dolls were/are terrible, and I bought, "Kimono To My House" by the Sparks and have only listened to it once. (wait, you forgot Nico too) When I bought, "Influences" I was excited to hear what the great man liked. I was truly disappointed. Truly, truly, ahhhh...:)

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I'm going to pretend this thread doesn't exist so I don't fly into a frenzied rage if I see that someone votes Magazine. :):mad::)


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Damien Dempsey is like a child trying to be a poet.
Jobriath isn't great.
I meant to click other too, as I don't really like Courteeners, I used to, then I bought the album and it wasn't great at all.

I'm surprised how many people dislike the Dolls and Sparks! When I saw the NY Dolls supporting Morrissey, I don't know which I thought was better, him or the Dolls, I love them!:p And Sparks are one of my favourite bands, have been listening to almost nothing but them recently!


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Can you elaborate?

The ideology (if there was one) behind the music. What I've heard from the dolls didn't do nothing for me but I can imagine what kind of impact they must have had when they first arrived to the scene. The clothing, the behaviour..

Saw them at Conan Obrien a while ago and it was pretty sad really. The group is so out dated.
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I'm going to pretend this thread doesn't exist so I don't fly into a frenzied rage if I see that someone votes Magazine. :):mad::)

Please don't kill me. :o The only Magazine song I properly like is Shot By Both Sides. *hides*

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I am now foaming at the mouth. You guys need to go get "The Correct Use of Soap" and redeem yourselves, damnit! :mad::p

Honestly how can you not love Magazine. John McGeoch, maaaaaaan, John McGeoch!
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