Where did it all go wrong Morrissey? by Michael Calderbank - Red Pepper


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MORRISSEY=I'm a millionaire I live in the worlds best hotels iv visited almost every part of the world,thats where it all went right.


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"I hear you!

Fookin Kultural Marxistz ruining it for everyone who thinks they HAVE 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS to take their 4Chan personas into The Town Square.SAD!

Even though they live under the English Libel Slave Code...,or they'll go postal with the 2nd? Except that doesn't exist in Engerland either...CENSORSHIP!!! hey? Bollocks.

Free Speech doesn't insulate anyone from the consequences of other people's reaction to their free speech. Deal with that before presenting any more xerox'd Brietbart Stans parody. Next they'll be doxxing everyone on these boards, including the 'best friends on the payroll'.......:rolleyes::lbf::p:rock::guitar:

If Morrissey 'presents' as a IRL meat-space he can't seriously claim the naughty-thought 'privilege' of online psuedo-anonymous avatars..... Morrissey's entire Crank-Fraud career as a faux-Radical Artist has been premised on his claim to 'authenticity' and 'sincerity'. He can hardly now whine just cuz he simply lacks the ability to navigate the real/fake/unknowable private/public persona Hall Of Mirrors that genuinely cutting-edge Artists like Bowie, Larry David, Frank Hvam/Casper Christensen, BrummieBoy & Matt'n'Trey display..he simply isn't talented enough, hence has been hoist by his own retard-troll-petard. Karma is a bitch. Deal with it Morrissey.

Bowie dropped the whole thing in his last decade when he 'woke' up. Larry David is no longer 'edgy' just....uncomfortable for a lot of folk. Frank Hvam refuses to troll Islam anymore because....not 'cartoons of Muhammed' but because he sees the reality of Denmark's tight-rope walk dealing with these crises. Would Matt'n'Trey add Muhammed to a cartoon these days like they did back before Trump arrived and shit got realz?

Daniel. Your concerns are valid and expressed with panache. The italicised text above isn't to troll or insult you, just to mock and wok-stir-fry the Word Salads that were Morrissey's TTY meltdowns of yore..his public utterances now would look fine under the wildest YouTube comment rubric..I note you don't mention his appalling comments on China..or Oslo...Paris...Manchester...etcetera...etcetera.....

The problematic core of the meta-problem is that 'Persona Non-Grata Morrissey refuses to actually define what it is he is 'trying' to say...he always simply flames a topic then slinks away...as culture evolves, nearly all now know how to define his modus operandi - but many didn't in the 80s hey-dey. He is a Troll. That's it. Sorry if that destroys your perceptions of him but seriously, he's just a singing troll, a dodgy Smurf in a cashmere cardigan or a saddo wool suit who thinks he's 'vegan'....if he's as confused about his sexuality as he is about his 'veganism'.....Lordy!

Have a nice day.


Bowie-cutting edge! Ha ha ha. All he ever did was get a new haircut and effects pedal and people said he'd reinvented himself. Sir David didn't say anything ever that challenged the status quo and was deeply conservative. He appealed to those duds that thought men in eye make-up were radical. I did love Ashes to Ashes though.

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Well friends,in the spirit of checking out new music I bought Q magazine. It has a free C.D. , The Best of the Best 2017. The lead track is a cracker,it's "I Wish You Lonely " by Morrissey.
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