When did you quit Morrissey?


Reverse Ferret
I don't think he's done much that's any good, music wise, for over a decade. Maybe enough songs for decent EP. The point when I realised he had gone round the far-right Internet loon u-bend and wasn't coming back was his statement following the Manchester Arena bombing.

He got a lot of flack for that - but my work whatsapp was full of the same complaints; that the diversity/they will not divide us rhetoric was old & that trying not to use the word Islamic would just annoy people.

They haven't managed to think of anything to replace diversity/not divide, but they always use Islamist or Islamic now. It looks more honest & it doesn't increase animosity.


For obvious reasons most folk have gone off Morrissey. How many of them do you reckon still listen to The Smiths?
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