What's the song meaning of "When you open your legs"? What is it about?


Tomislav Gotovac

That song is hommage to Catharine Tramell, from Paul Verhoeven movie, Basic Instinct (1992).



Whatever he has been told or whatever he believes deserts him when the said person invites him for sex by opening his legs. He could not believe his inclinations and does something which is not accepted by the other person. At this happened at 4 in some club in tel aviv.


I interpret it as he is asked by someone to go home with him when he is at a club. The middle part of song is describing the sex act.

Quando quando quando

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It’s a song about love. The physical attraction and erotic implications being a part of love.

A very pure uncomplicated and truly recognisable and universal experience he sings about from the heart.
The complications are mostly afterwards.

There is always a price to pay and the bitersweet tone of his singing voice, the melancholy of the whistling notes at the end of the song confirms that, for me.

Moz many times names the two sides of the medal.

It’s a great song, catchy as hell, the trumpets giving you that enormous, triumphic and released feeling.

Everything deserts me now is a good description when it comes to making love to a person you feel physically attracted to and desire to make love with.

Like the rhyme of asking to leave this club in Tel Aviv.
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