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Almost done inside story and it was a welcome conversation even if I would have preferred perhaps a straight novel. Just have the addendum to read. So I don’t know much about Christopher hitchens aside from his connection to amis and I did indeed think he had committed suicide. Maybe I was thinking of his mother. It sounds a bit weird to write I was happy to hear he died of cancer but I was happy to read that his death wasn’t from suicide. Going in with my false belief and amis talking about suicidal ideation being in his mind early in the book I thought this was foreshadowing and cemented the idea even more so when I did reach the end I did get a little surprise from a book that I didn’t think was gonna surprise me at all. Almost a happy ending or maybe just a happier one given the subject. A pleasure to read as always


It weird to think I might not read another amis long novel. I did enjoy the borges quote at the end about so many people miss the wonder and glamour of the observable world.

now reading bel ami by guy de Maupassant

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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An article from 2007 with an interesting Astra-Zeneca mention:
Beware, Pharma.
Beware, Pharma - How the Industry Manipulates Doctors and Deceives Patients
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Would the Stern magazine publish such a critical article in 2021? Most likely not.
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