What to expect from new album?


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To be honest, although I'm looking fwd to it, I have mixed feelings about the new album.
I want it to be great, & a huge success for Moz (he deserves it), but I'm lowering my expectations a little, while at the same time wanting to be amazed, & don't want him to feed the trolls.
However, the haters will hate it just for the sake of hating it, whatever it ends up being like, so that's unavoidable I guess.
I know Moz is a genius, &, as a non-conformist, he'll do just as he wishes, but it must be really difficult for him to keep writing outstanding stuff.
I wish Moz & the album well.
I have mixed feelings about an album, iv never heard.


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I don’t expect miracles from a Moz-album, nor from any other’s albums these days. The age of great albums is clearly something of the past.

If it has 3-4 great songs on it, like his last couple of albums, then I will be more than happy. Even my least favourite Morrissey records (Refusal and Maladjusted) I still find at least enjoyable with some really outstanding songs. So I’m sure the new album will be at least as good.

After that the best thing for Moz is to retire for a longer period to come back stronger to a world more welcoming, like Bowie and Cohen with their last albums. Although he needn’t be on his deathbed just then.


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The personal lyrics were one of the worst aspects of the last album. The sexual stuff was horrible - clumsy, creepy and crass. He needs to steer well clear and, thankfully, the song titles suggest he has.

Well, I didn't mention anything about the sexual. I was talking about personal lyrics from the heart.


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I didn't like "Spent the day" at all. The video didn't make the song better for me. It just passed me by. No catchy harbinger for LIHS. Strange piece for sure but musically it didn't pick me up where I had been waiting impatiently since Refusal.

So what could you expect now? You really can't say. More American maybe and certainly not just hard rockers, hopefully less world music and lyrics that deal with what the shallows and highs of each individual are all about. But "Love is on it's way out" sounds very bitter again.

In my opinion, the record can't be a liberating blow, because it's long since out of his own hands to save his career. The fact that BMG doesn't publish a comment to a record that will be released in about 2 months doesn't make it any better. It smells like low profile and the "strong" manager has been silent for months.

I would wish us all (him included) better conditions for 2020 but the wound is too big and it can't grow over. Everyone who has a spark of understanding for long-term fans should understand that it is not possible to put him on a pedestal anymore. He fell down there himself and was not pushed, as he and his environment always want to make believe.

Some interesting thoughts here. It makes me wonder if the release date of March 13 as posted on Morrissey Central is already the definite one since BMG hasn't confirmed it. And if the single is released in March, s Thelma mentioned, then the album would be more likely to see the day in April or early May. Unless It's Over counts as the first single, haha. As for the "strong" manager, he's obviously taking a break between past US tour and next album release, best thing to do IMO. I wonder how much longer Morrissey will keep Peter Katsis on his payroll once he's through with the record deal because I always had the impression that the recording contract required Morrissey to have a professional manager.


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Skinnies and his sympathizer trolls pontificating from their basement dwelling about the new album that has yet to be released.:lbf:

shouldnt the be tracking the next LePew release? isnt that little twat LePew their idol?:straightface:

There's only one "person" here who's obsessed with Johnny Marr. Even in a thread about the forthcoming Morrissey album.


Steve has some excellent songwriters on board. The critical consensus for High School was great music, crap lyrics. We're likely to get great music again with some really interesting and imaginative arrangements. Not the meat and potato stodge of the 1995-2010 morrissey whyte era. Judging by the song titles the lyrics should be quite a bit better. I'm optimistic about this album.

« critical consensus for High School was great music, crap lyrics » ???
Are you kidding?
LIHS was crap lyrics, crap music , crap production and crap cover.
« I am not a dog on a chain » will be the same .Plus a crap Moz barnet


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I really like Low In High School (apart from the harsh production) - & I don't mind the sexual stuff either, because basically what he was saying is that sex makes politics seem pointless, so he's back to one of his main themes of feeling v. thinking. One of Morrissey's saving graces is that he's never didactic, even when it sounds as if he is. Even 'Meat Is Murder' could be sung as a comedy horror, in the way it takes ordinary family dinners & makes them sound like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

One of the reasons I love Morrissey a bit more than Bowie (who maintained his glacial elegance & taste to the end) is that Bowie doesn't really feel anything. It's why Bowie will write a song about domestic violence, like Repetition, that looks at it from the outside, incredulously, while Morrissey can throw an earnest line about threatening to smash every tooth in his sweetness's head into a comedy song about feeling martyred.
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There's only one "person" here who's obsessed with Johnny Marr. Even in a thread about the forthcoming Morrissey album.


i take it you mean to inform that the next sucko :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: album will again suck :elephant: dong:expressionless:
as have all his previous sucky releases.:rage:
maybe he can get AlainT to play the guitar and write some songs so the album will really suck, leave his
previous sucky records in the sucko dust.:smiley:

again it all depends if he can regain his health.:relieved:
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