What should I eat for dinner... Let the forum pick.


I am open for suggestions...

Couple of stipulations:

  • I have nothing in the fridge
  • I just got back from playing golf - don't feel like cooking
  • Any type of food is considered
  • Not really a fan of fast food
  • Everything around me is open until around 10-11...
  • Ex- Thai food- then name a dish or something...
  • Go ahead ... go nuts... I will take a shower, answer email list on eBay and other errands and come back to this thread in about two hours
  • One of your ideas will be chosen and a pic will be uploaded of the meal.


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It's got to be a curry ... Indian...Vindaloo all the way


mentally, you are a lazy b*****d :clap:
Nah -sometimes yes but not in this case... Watch and see...

It's got to be a curry ... Indian...Vindaloo all the way

Thank you - The decision was Chicken Red Curry from my favorite local Thai place. It is listed as having the typical veggies, chicken, coconut mil, thai red curry and basil. I threw in the rice and it was delicious.

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