"What Kind of People Live in These Houses?"

Dunno about the premise of the OP, but it’s one of the most interesting songs lyrically on the record.

“What kind of people live in these houses
T-shirts or blouses, torn jeans or trousers”

“They vote the way they vote
They don’t know how to change
Because their parents did the same”

See this is the kind of shit I am afraid of, and it's why even though Love Is On Its Way Out is probably a stronger song than Knockabout World, I prefer the latter. I don't want to hear about the animal rights shit or any of his politics. I'm f***ing tired of it and he doesn't do it well and he's done it to death on previous albums. I just want a nice, fun, timeless Morrissey album. I don't want to hear about spending more on nuclear war, or George Bush bombing people, or where America can shove its hamburger, or elephants and lions being shot, or any of that crap. And it has nothing to do with agreeing with him on this subject or that one or disagreeing with him; overall I do agree with him but I f***ing hate it when he brings it into his songs.


Reverse Ferret
Love Is On The Way Out aside, and a swipe at newspapers in the title track, he seems to keep a lid on it.

I think he used to sound off in interviews so he didn't put it into his work, but the internet is agitating him & making it harder.

It could be worse though. Poor old David Hare can't write a line without taking a swipe at The Modern World.

And some artists have given up altogether & just rage tweet.
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