What are your favorite guitarists?



Mine are Daniel Ash, most of Morrissey's guitarists, Johnny Marr, Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy.


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Johnny Marr- the reason I learned to play guitar, and bought a rickenbacker 330 and fender jaguar! For me the most talented and well rounded guitarist of the past 30 years. I love the fact that he just stands and gets on with his job, no show-boating or insane soloing for the sake of it.

Peter Buck- love the early jangling of Murmur and Reckoning, and the fact he is as brilliant on any stringed instrument. Again, nothing too flashy on stage, just being cool and getting on with his business.

John Lennon- Not so much for his ability on the guitar, even though he was a very good player, more so for his songwriting ability.


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Marr (no reason needed!), Lindsey Buckingham (for his fingerpicking style and songwriting skills - absolutely incredible), Nile Rodgers (for the groove), Bernard Butler (for the passion), Eric Clapton (for the blues)


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Marr, Joey Santiago, Kristin Hersh, Nick Drake..........


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Marr, Joey Santiago, Kristin Hersh, Nick Drake..........

How did I miss out Joey Santiago on my list?! He's my kind of player - what he plays always adds to the song and he's proof that you don't need to belt out 100 notes a second to be an influential player.

And I'd also like to add Jeff Buckley to my list.
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