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Light Housework

He said that because he was trying to avoid the death penalty. He tried to blame pornography because he wanted it to be a defense. That was once he'd been convicted of at least one of the murders. There were several separate trials and some were happening at the same time. He also pretended once that he was very concerned about all the victims that would continue to be murdered because of the fact that he was innocent.
I used to have this book. It's pretty good because it's about the trial more than about the gory details. But it goes into his personality and he was an asshole in case that isn't obvious.
Polly Nelson goes on about herself so much.

The Chameleon

Polly Nelson goes on about herself so much.
I had this as a paperback book and I lost it so I haven't read it in a long time but I remember it being about her struggles to keep the trial moving forward. It's more about the trial than about Ted Bundy and I thought that was really interesting. They wanted her to just give up. He was clearly guilty and she couldn't win but she was doing it for everyone else who would be accused of a death penalty crime just to make sure that they exhausted every resource. She was young and didn't have much money or resources and had a hard time getting cooperation. I remember at one point she has two court appearances scheduled at the same time in different places and has to explain she can't be in two places at the same time.
I really thought her story was interesting and more interesting to me than Ted Bundy's story. People like that get so much attention but they should just be hung from the nearest tree and forgotten. I don't think studying them prevents others from happening but probably does make it easier for others to be caught.
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