Well I Wonder live?


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Hi, does anybody knows why The Smiths never played "Well I Wonder" live? Or if they did, there's any bootleg around with that song included? I always felt that such a beautiful song deserved to be in their setlist! All of the "Meat Is Murder" tracks have been played live except "Well I Wonder", why?
If anybody knows (maybe difficult to perform with only one guitar player on stage?) i would really appreciate a reply, thank you.


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It just doesn't exist. It's never been played live neither by The Smiths nor Morrissey. Why? I ask myself the same question, it's unbelievable that one of their best songs has never been played live but that's how it is.


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To my knowledge, it's the only Smiths recording to feature multilayered basslines. I don't know if that has anything to do with why it was never played live, but it might perhaps be a factor.


Maybe the venues banned them from running water at the end of the song on stage with all the electric gadgets about? ;)


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Thanks to all for the replies, it is indeed a shame that "Well" was never played, it's with no doubt one of my top 5....
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