Upstarts and Oligarchs blog review by Rob Butterfield: "Moz is back ...and he’s certainly no dog on a chain" 10/10

By Rob Butterfield - March 23, 2020.


"March 20th saw the release of the latest album from Morrissey ‘I am not a dog on a chain’. His last album ‘California Son’ compelled me to write a blog post about what, in my opinion, was the greatest album release in 2019, despite its harsh reviews from an evidently anti-Moz clutch of oh-so predictable music journalists. The tide seems to have changed for this release though and the press (with the exception of, unexpectedly, The Guardian) are waxing lyrical about his latest offering claiming it to be “his best music in years” (Associated Press) and “worth crossing the the Twittermob line for...” (NME) - not that Morrissey ever needs to covet favourable press reviews!"

Should I be worried at the reviews? Has “the one-time poet laureate of the sensitive, the lonely, the misunderstood and other people who spent too much time in their teenage bedrooms” (The Times) gone soft in his old age? I’d have to wait until my pre-order vinyl copy arrived to find out..."



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I should mention this, before I continue to take the piss out of the slug-sycophants on this page...

IANADOAC is - by far - Morrissey’s best musical effort in years. The music is solid. It’s downright lovely, at points. Some really sweet musicality and production.

Having said that, the lyrics are about as strong as a thrice-used t-bag.

...and Morrissey doesn’t write the music, does he?
No, but he creates the vocal melodies when adding the lyrics.

The lyrics are great.


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Morrissey is blazing hot with this album. Who would have thought that the 24 hate police on Moz would inspire such a gem?

He's exactly where he wants to be. Loved and admired by his fans and derided by the mainstream media - who never have and never will have good taste.
i am not a dog on a chain review

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