Trump turnout was low



"Turnout At Trump’s Tulsa Rally Was Just Under 6,200–A Fraction Of The Venue’s 19,200 Capacity

While President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday was pitched as an over-subscribed event, with Trump campaign staffers touting ticket registrations over a million, the final turnout came to a fraction of the venue’s overall capacity, confirming reports of low turnout that dogged what was meant to be Trump’s triumphant return to the campaign trail."


Great news!


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I heard people were booking seats on bulk to stop other people getting them,with the intention of leaving empty seats. Asked to justify himself on BBC news, one of the instigators of this perversion of democracy said 'well the seats were available to everyone... we just got there before them' HAHAHAHA. Have no views but the ones deemed valid by others. There seems no end to this self justifying righteousness, which will ultimately backfire. I don't like Trump. I don't like what he stands for, but I wouldn't deliberately stop people going and listening to his skewed views. People seem to have adopted a policy of of taking up valid causes and if anything detracts from their intelligent and well reasoned views it must be nipped in the bud. All debate must be quashed. That's not democracy.
I think it's funny. I like bad kids acting out.


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I think the kids are losing track of democracy, Politi. There's this lever that is being subtly utilised where if you're over a certain age your whole worldview is wrong. There's ageism coming into play here. If you're over thirty and not 'with it' and trending with youtube your views are of no consequence.

I am wild woman so I kind of like it? ... Sorry, Dale, this has always been who I am. This is why I'm so f***ing sexy!


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I like it in a way too. The youngsters have certainly done a lot to bring mental health problems onto the agenda and the 'excuses' I had to concoct at work for my behaviour in the past are all but defunct now. But I still feel they are going a little too far. I'm with them in some things and not quite so much on other things. But definitely indebted to them for making people more appreciative of mental heath issues. When I look back to the things I was asked to do in the eighties when very reasonable adjustments could have been made without me being a less effective member of the work force. When I think of the guilt I went through at that time....when I was made to feel as though I was being awkward when I was just incapable of being in a meeting room with more than a couple of people because I was bullied at school for being gay and people would laugh at the way I talked if I had to say anything in front of a group of people. I never mentioned the gay part of my problem for years at work, but I couldn't care less now. I tell them the truth and I think they respect me for it. It's a lot easier when you get to an age where all ideas and notions of 'fitting in' are out of the window. I didn't like admitting to being shy, but it doesn't bother me now. I'm not of an age where I have to be trendy and try to make up another excuse for being maladjusted. I don't need to impress. The plain fact is that I'm shy, and maturity has taken away the burden of having to pretend it's anything else.

aww Dale. cmere and let me hold u to my bosom.


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Aah. I do want to fit in politi, god knows I do. I've said before, I'd kill to fit in. That would be another world for me. I see other people doing it all the time. I hate being 'exceptional' in the true sense of the word. I want to be like everyone else. It annoys me that I can't be. Drink comes close to appropriating that, but never quite. Normality is the biggest luxury I'll never attain in this life.

ok, baby. next act.


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I never felt like I wanted to fit in anywhere--which is probably why I didn't care that I didn't have friends growing up--until I went to london. Then I wanted to fit in but didn't know how or if it was even possible. The feeling was so new to me and probably accounted in large part for why I was so miserable.
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