The Smiths not inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in 2015

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world doesn't need that kind of rock'n'roll hall of fame where green day enters before the smiths!!!!it's complete nonsense!'s not be too quick to judge. I am not a big Green Day fan, but their impact on punk/rock music was/is enormous...their third album Dookie was a huge hit in America and breathed new life into the whole music scene at least here in America. A three piece band like Rush, they are all very talented musicians in their own right.

Also, I just watched an HBO special of the staging of the Broadway play based on their album American Idiot, and found it quite interesting and entertaining. I would recommend it to anyone who even has a passing interest in the band. I don't foresee a Smith's Broadway play in the works anytime soon. Not that it really means anything other than the popularity of Green Day's music must be substantial enough to create a successful Broadway play around it, and I am sure some of this might have found its way into their placement in the Hall of Fame. I am also happy Joan Jett and her band made it in as well. It is nice to see a rocker chick installed along with the boys.

Life isn't always fair. I am sure their time will come. Fingers crossed that when it does the guys can at least take the stage together to accept the award that they each so richly deserve.
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