The OFFICIAL Manchester City F.C Thread


COME ON CITY, stuff the Brummies today:cool::guitar:

4th spot is ours to loose....

Up The Blues

Jukebox Fury:thumb:

:lbf: Good for you making a return on match day, I think you should at least be allowed access to this thread if nothing else to keep things tickerty boo :thumb:

I miss reading the banter :(

4th spot is ours for the taking....


girl still ill

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Great win today. Adam Johnson is indeed a great player in the making, out playing Wright-Phillips.

Thought Barry looked better too

Bring on the red rags next week :guitar:


Is It Really So Strange
The game is on ESPN2 live, ok it starts at 7:30am here, though I might be off on sat and will be able to watch. If I can actually get up that early on a sat.


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In the spirit of friends departed.... Come on City!!!



This charming man.

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3 points in the bag for siddy. Just like it was for us at the end of last season, when the bitters had nothin' to play for. Would rather have another Manchester club in the Champions League than another team from darn sarf..


No love for the scum, but it was very funny to Citeh lose!

JJ will be crying (from his kids seat)!

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Still obsessed with LFC so you nick quotes from our banner now, Irregular?!

Still obsessed Esteban, absolutely correct. :rolleyes:
I certainly will be supporting your boys on Sunday 02/05. :D
Imagine how great you will be feeling once your beloved LFC help United clinch our 19th title... :thumb:
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4-1 blue mooooon hammers! hardiker2-1city jj=armchair fan kyle doesnt go m/beam=armchair martinis are rad! munichmongs one back heel owen!!!!
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